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§ Crystals : Top Quality

o Facetted Round shape

o Facetted Bicone shape

o Facetted Rondell shape

o Disc shape

o Crystal Drops

o Flat back

o Flower shape

o Square shape

o Cube shape

o Other shapes

§ Crystals : Normal Quality

o Facetted Round shape

o Facetted Bicone shape

o Other shapes

§ Crystal Drops : Top Quality

§ Crystal Drops : Normal Quality

§ Crystal Drops : Extra large


§ Diamantes : Glue on

§ Diamantes : Sew on

§ Diamantes : Iron on

§ Diamantes : With prongs

§ Diamantes : By the metre


§ Designer Stones : Sew-on

o Designer Stones

o Designer Stones : Top quality

§ Designer Stones : Glue on


§ White Pearls

§ Ivory/Cream pearls

§ Iridescent white pearls

§ Pearl Trimming

§ Pearl Buttons

§ Pearl Artificial Flowers


§ Seed Beads

§ Bugle Beads

§ Gold & Silver Beads

§ Pearls (see above)


§ Beaded & Pearl Trimming

§ Beaded & Pearl Fringe

§ Diamante by the metre

§ Other Trimming


§ Sequins : Loose : Normal Quality

§ Sequins : Loose : Top Quality

§ Sequin Trimming

§ Sequin Motifs

§ Sword sequin


§ Fabric Braid

§ Fancy Fabric Braid

§ Metallic Braid & Ribbon


§ Fabric Tassels

§ Metallic Tassels


§ Russia Braid & Cord

§ Metallic Cord


§ Diamante Buttons

§ Pearl Buttons

§ Other Buttons

§ Diamante Buckles


§ Ostrich Feather Plumes

§ Feathers : Loose


§ Pearl Necklets

§ Diamante Necklets

§ Pearl Earrings

§ Diamante Earrings

§ Diamante Bracelets

§ Diamante Brooches

§ Other Jewellery

§ Tiaras

§ Jewellery Kits

§ Other Findings

§ Sterling Silver Findings


§ Needles

§ Glue

§ Thread for jewellery

Crystals : Top Quality

There are many shapes, sizes and colours of top quality crystals.

NOTE : Top quality crystals have a much finer cut than normal quality crystals and therefore pick up the light much better. If you are after a less expensive option of some of the crystals below please click here.

The following are the main shapes of top quality crystals available.

Shape Image Description of shape Sizes available Number of colours available    
    Click the link below to see full range and prices of each item        

Facetted Bicone shape 3mm to 10mm Up to 40 colours    

Facetted round shape (hexagon) 3mm to 10mm Up to 40 colours    

Facetted Rondell Shape 5 x 3mm
6 x 4mm
Up to 20 colours    


Disc shape 6mm to 10mm Up to 10 colours    

Crystal drops : small to medium 10mm to 18mm long Up to 20 colours    
flat back sew on diamantes 

Flat back crystals
(sew-on diamantes)
3mm to 8mm 2 colours    

Flower shape 6mm to 10mm Up to 8 colours    
square crystals

Square shape 6mm to 10mm Up to 5 colours    

Cube 4mm to 8mm Up to 25 colours    
    Other crystals        

Please follow the link above for any of the above shapes to see full colour range and prices.

Please phone (02) 92671428 to order or for more details of the above items.


Important : The colours of the images above will appear different on every computer, so variations can occur from the colours above to the actual crystal colours.

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