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§ Other Jewellery

§ Other Jewellery

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   Photios Bros has the largest range of products in Australia including beads, crystals, dress trimmings, pearls, designer stones, fashion jewellery and jewellery findings, sequins, diamantes and feathers. It is a world leading supplier, catering globally to a variety of customers including bridal, dance, top fashion designers, theatrical, and individuals creating their own works of art from the beginner to the professional. Photios Bros was one of two major suppliers to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and is also a main supplier of crystals and pearls to some of Australia’s most well known Bridal Designers.


Photios Bros is a unique old fashioned company combining the old with the new. The showroom at 66 Druitt Street, Sydney, has retained its old world original interior from the 1950s and delivers old fashioned customer service with the benefits of modern technology. The friendly, knowledgeable, well trained, enthusiastic team of staff are always happy to guide and serve their customers to deliver excellent customer satisfaction. And, like the old days, the shop closes between 1-2pm (Mon-Fri) to give the staff a well deserved lunch break.

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Please phone (02) 92671428 for prices if required. In many cases we can also send a sample of an item at no cost.



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