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Feather Product List

For full product range of each of the below items please follow the link.
[some new items are due in November: PHONE FOR MORE INFO]

FEATHER Boa & by the metre


turkey feather boa available in 2 thicknesses in up to 40 colours

Feather Boa (Turkey boa by the metre)   Turkey boa : Medium (6 colours)
Turkey boa : Thick (20 colours)
Turkey boa : Extra thick (40 colours)

ostrich feather boa available in 2 thicknesses  & about 20 colours 

Feather Boa (Ostrich boa by the metre)   Ostrich boa : Medium (5 colours)
Ostrich boa : Thick (35 colours)

maraboo feather trim in 3 thicknesses

Marabou (by the metre)   Marabou : Thin (3 colours)
Marabou : Medium (35 colours)
Marabou : Thick (3 colours)
Marabou with tape (15 colours)
feather fringe  Feather fringe (undyed individual natural feathers by the metre)        
  Other feather by the metre        

Fake Fur by the metre        

FEATHERS : Single feathers


Ostrich Feathers (single feathers)   Ostrich feathers : Small (40 colours)
Ostrich feathers : Medium (40 colours)
Ostrich feathers : Ultra large (40 colours)

Pheasant feathers (single feathers)   Pheasant feathers : 4 sizes    
  Dyed pheasant feathers   Pheasant feathers : 20 colours    

Other feathers        
    Marabou cluster (20 colours)    
    Cocktail feathers (20 colours)    
    Stripped cocktail feathers (15 colours)    
    Duck feathers (15 colours)    
      Turkey feathers (6 colours)     
    small feather pads Feather pads : Small (10 colours)    
    feather pads  Feather pads : Medium (22 colours)    
    large feather hackle pads Hackle pads : large (10 colours)    
    natural feather pads available in 10 designes Natural undyed feather pads    
    Peacock feathers    
    Feather Biots (15 colours)    
      Other undyed natural feathers    
      Other feathers    

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