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Product list

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 FEATHER BOA (by the metre)

§ Marabou Feather by the metre

§ Turkey Feather by the metre

§ Ostrich Feather by the metre

§ Other feathers by the metre

§ Feather fringe

§ Other feather fringe







§ Other Feathers

o Ostrich Feathers

o Marabou Clusters

o Cocktail Feathers

o Stripped cocktail feathers

o Duck Feathers

o Turkey Feathers

o Peacock Feathers

o Pheasant feathers

o Pheasant feathers colours

o Dyed Feather Pads

o Natural Feather Pads

o New Feathers

o Feather Biots


§ Other Feathers : due late 2014


§ Fascinators : due 2015

§ Glue

§ Other


 Search Page

Ways to search for the item you are after while the website is under construction.

1) Please go to the feather product page.
2) Scroll down the products page to find the type of item  you are after and follow the link. (Some items have a link to a new page showing all the colours and some are still under construction)
3) Phone us on (02)92671428 for more information such as sizes or colours available and price.

NOTE : Some products are better to look at in a different part of the website as follows:
» If you want to see all our non-feather items (eg: beads/crystals/trimmings etc) go to our full product range
» If you are after jewellery or jewellery parts please go to the
Jewellery & Jewellery customer category
» If you want to go to a different customer category please go back to the
Main Home Page and f one of the 8 customer categories
» And again if in doubt we welcome you to phone us on (02)92671428 during working hours: this is the quickest method


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